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Our volunteers are passionately invested, community focused change agents.

What words best describe Victim Services of Peel Volunteers?
Self-sacrificing, Dedicated, Empowering, Compassionate, Skilled, Diverse, Knowledgeable, Educated and Socially Responsible.

Lives can be forever changed by crime and tragedy. Victims and their families can begin the process of healing with the invaluable contributions of highly skilled and passionate volunteers who work in partnership with our crisis intervention staff in providing caring, around the clock support via telephone, and/or on-scene support. At Victim Services of Peel, our comprehensively trained volunteers are an integral part of a dedicated team that provides 24/7 support to individuals and families experiencing trauma.

2016 volunteers
Volunteer Class of 2016

If you would like to become a change agent and be afforded opportunities to effect positive change in the lives of others, consider becoming a volunteer with Victim Services of Peel.

Please note that the Volunteer Resources Department DOES NOT administrate social work practicum placements and therefore is unable to process resume submissions and or requests.



I am immensely proud of my involvement with Victim Services of Peel. My 2 years as a Crisis Response Volunteer have helped me grow as a person, becoming more aware of the plights of those around me who can otherwise go unheard. VSOP has also provided me with a sense of purpose, as every shift can end with having done my small part in assisting someone to find their way in troubled times. I feel pride in being a member of such a hardworking and dedicated team of administrators, counselors and volunteers. As a resident of Peel, it is a comfort for me to know that such people offer their time and energy to help their community. Victim Services of Peel has not only offered me a worthwhile experience, but has provided an education as they invest in their volunteers through ongoing training and opportunities.

I am a volunteer at Delta Bingo, which helps raise funds for Victim Services of Peel through their charitable Bingo program. At Bingo I assist people in setting up to play their game and I tell them about Victim Services of Peel. I enjoy being a Bingo volunteer because it’s a real all-around win: I have the pleasure of helping and interacting with people in a friendly venue, while raising funds and explaining how Victim Services of Peel helps the community.

I have been a part of the Victim Services of Peel (VSOP) family for over 3 years. This experience cannot be put into words, it’s made me smile, cry, it’s made me question processes and it has given me the will to do better and be better every day. I started as a crisis and court volunteer, after learning about the program from a previous supervisor.

VSOP welcomes everyone with open arms. They give you all they have to offer, which includes but isn’t limited to; learning seminars with professionals, tools to deal with different forms of conflict, a wide array of networking and participation in celebrating personal and organizational achievements.

VSOP teaches compassion, which means to suffer with and sympathize with a fellow human being and with each other. I understood the true value of this service and what it teaches us when I lost my brother last year. The administrators and staff of this program are an amazing backbone that will help you through anything that can take place in your life. This program has molded me into the person and team leader I am today. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to learn, be better and bring change little by little.

2 years ago when I had applied for the volunteer position with Victim Services of Peel never would I have thought I would have experienced and learned so much these past couple of years. I started off as a crisis responder on the lines, which was one of the most rewarding experiences hearing clients commend and thank our services and explain the positive impact our agency has had on their lives. Recently, taking on the role of Team Leader has been phenomenal thus far. With aspirations of joining the police force, Team Leader has allowed me to take on a leader role and taking on more responsibility while allowing me to have more contact with the Police. The staff at Victim Services is a pleasure in itself to work with as each and every one is more than happy to help you learn and excel. It was satisfying to know that becoming a volunteer with Victim Services of Peel you are not just a name but are a part of the agency and I can say that Tammy has taken a proactive approach to ensure I get the most out of this volunteering to put forth policing.

What an amazing experience it has been to volunteer with Victim Services of Peel! At the Bail Court Program, I have the opportunity to take the various skills and knowledge I have gained in the classroom and apply them into practice. Through this program I engage in communicating with police officers, lawyers, Justices of the Peace, social workers, and victims of crime. As a bail court recorder I truly believe that I am able to help achieve social justice for victims of crime by informing them of the bail hearing process and by empowering them to voice their safety concerns to the Justice of the Peace. Victim Services of Peel has opened the doors to many great opportunities for me and has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to succeed in my future career in law.

Volunteering with Victim Services of Peel has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It takes tremendous courage for a client tocall us and ask a complete stranger for help. So I am honoured to be there when they need us. I feel like I have played my little part in helping someone. At the end of each shift I hope that my words or just my being there to listen, provided comfort, relief and hope to our clients. It is a privilege to work with like minded people that display kindness and caring with our clients and with each other.

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