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What are the different programs and services offered to help victims of crime and tragedy?
We provide a variety of programs and services designed to help people cope with crime and tragic circumstance:

  • Around-the-Clock Crisis Intervention
  • Short Term Counselling
  • Court Advocacy
  • Scene Attendance
  • Transitional and Housing Support (T.H.S.P.)
  • Resources, Education, Advocacy and Community Help (R.E.A.C.H.)
  • South Asian Family Enrichment Program (S.A.F.E.)
  • Victim Quick Response Program (V.Q.R.P.)

Can Victim Services of Peel really help me?
Yes - Call and ask to speak to one of our counsellors today. Our crisis line is available 24 hours a day, every day at 905.568.1068.

Are donations tax deductible?
Yes! You can make a tax-deductible investment in Victim Services of Peel that will help fund the programs and services we provide to thousands of people each year. Call 905.568.8800 for more information and to make a donation.

Who donates to Victim Services of Peel?
A wide variety of corporations, associations and individuals donate to Victim Services of Peel. Their ongoing support ensures we have the resources to provide our vital services.

Why should I donate to Victim Services of Peel?
Your donation helps provide 24-hour, 365-days-a-year crisis support to persons victimized by crime or circumstance in all communities of Brampton and Mississauga. To donate, please call us at 905.568.8800 or click here to donate online.

How can I become a corporate donor?
Contact us today to learn about the important role your organization can play in providing help, healing and hope.

How do I become a volunteer for Victim Services of Peel?
Volunteers are a critical part of Victim Services of Peel. They help victims and their families heal. They also develop valuable skills in areas such as crisis intervention, court support, fundraising and more. Click here to learn more about becoming a volunteer.

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