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More Ways to Get Help

Court Advocacy
We assist as a court advocate within the judicial process to help ensure that victims’ rights are upheld, and that the courts take the required steps to maintain our clients’ safety. Court advocacy includes communication on behalf of clients, monitoring of bail hearings, and same-day outcome communications to the client.

More ways to get help:
In addition to the services and programs, we recommend these additional resources to assist you:

2-1-1 Your Community Connection
Brampton Civic Hospital
Canadian Crime Victim Foundation
Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime
Catholic Cross-Cultural Services
Catholic Family Services — Peel, Dufferin
Credit Valley Hospital
Emergency Food Services in Peel (food banks)
Family Services of Peel
Heal Network
India Rainbow Community Services of Peel
Interim Place
Legal Aid Ontario
Multilingual Community Interpreter Services (MCIS)
Muslim Welfare Centre (food bank)
Muslim Welfare Centre of Toronto
National Office For Victims
Oasis Centre des Femmes
Ontario Works in Peel
Peel Children’s Aid
Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse (PCAWA)
Peel Counselling and Consulting Services
Peel Information Network
Peel Regional Police
Peel Senior Link
Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network
Policy Centre for Victim Issues
Positive Space Coalition of Peel
Hope 24/7 (Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Centre of Peel)
Spectra Community Support Services
The Centre for the Grief Journey
Trillium Health Centre
Victims of Violence
William Osler Health System

Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario Brochure
Brochure d'Aide Immédiate Aux Victimes Ontario

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